– What do I get if I buy a software package?

Installation of the online 3D printing service system on your subdomain. Free support is not available.

– What do I get if I buy a maintenance package?

Installation of an online 3D printing service system on your subdomain with full customization and integration into your business. Including individual development and integration into the CRM system.

– How is the printing price calculated?

Typically the formula is: Print Price = Printer Cost + Material Cost + Cover Cost (+ Additional Customs Fees). The cost of the printer, material and coating is calculated depending on the settings that you can specify in the administration panel. Total cost can be calculated based on material volume, material weight, bounding box, surface area, print time, etc.

– What payment systems can be used?

List of available payment systems:

  • PayPal
  • YooMoney
  • RoboKassa
  • WebMoney
  • NetPay
  • CloudPayments
  • Qiwi (PayKeeper)
  • RBK Money
  • PayOnline
  • PayMaster
  • Fondy
  • Checkout
  • 2Сheckout

Upon request, we are ready to consider connecting additional payment systems.

-Where will the money from the order come?

The money will be credited to the current account of your company. You must have a bank account and details to make a transfer from payment systems.

– How is infill, print time and support material calculated?

They are calculated by Cura 3.4 running on a remote server. On the backend of the plugin, you need to configure the following parameters: layer height, wall thickness, nozzle size,% coverage, print speed, travel speed, base material.

– Can I get a trial subscription period?

No, but you can try the system in action at DEMO.

– Does the system transmit the dimensions and weight of the model to the API transport services?

Yes, it does. In case of subscription, we can connect any transport company via API.

– Is it possible to set a minimum price for small models?

Yes. On the product page, click the Variants tab, expand the current variant, and set “Regular Price”.

– How to set different prices for different quantities of material and volume?

For example, you want to charge $ 0.5 for <200 cc, $ 0.4 for> 200 cc, $ 0.3 for> 400 cc. Instead of the usual numeric price, enter
the following formula: 0: 0.5; 200: 0.4; 400: 0.3 Price and amount are separated by “:”, and price-amount pairs are separated by “;”. This includes prices for the printer, materials and coating.

– Does the system check the model for printability?

The current version only checks if the model is larger than the selected printer build tray size. The system also checks the models for errors. There is a built-in function of treating and correcting models.

– Can I add custom attributes with custom price?

You can set the price of an attribute on the Products-> Attributes page. The price can be fixed or a percentage of the total cost of printing / material / coating or quantity of material. It can also be negative.

– How do I assign a printer / material to a product?

By default, all printers and materials are assigned to products marked as 3D printable. On the attributes tab, you can see the value “all” opposite “Printer” and “Material”. If you want to assign only one printer to a product, delete “all” and enter the printer ID in this field. The identifiers can be seen on the “Printers” and “Materials” tabs on the plugin settings page.

– How to group printers / materials / coatings?

Give them the same group name.

– How to sort printers / materials / coatings?

The Sort Order field determines the order, small numbers come first. The groups are currently sorted alphabetically.

– I bought and installed a software package, but something doesn’t work ..

Try clearing your browser cache.
If this does not work, please contact technical support by email aggregator@studia3d.com, we will be happy to help.